E-mail newsletters are sent to everyone who requests inclusion on the mailing list. There is no established frequency for the mailings, as newsletters are only sent whenever something newsworthy occurs, such as for the announcement of a new novel.


I detest spam, and never send unsolicited, promotional mail. If you receive a newsletter in error, simply return it with the word "remove" in the subject, and your email address will promptly be expunged from the mailing list.

12-13-2016 - Many of the email announcements sent to AOL users were rejected as containing spam. If you have an AOL account, please add admin@deprima.com to your acceptable email address list or firewall exempt group. And you may have to add your address again because returned emails automatically generate a cancellation of the address in my files.

09-07-2014 - The September email announcement has been returned for everyone using the email domains of @mac.com, @icloud.com, and @me.com. These domains use a spam checker called Proofprint Blacklist Service to filter their mail. Unfortunately Proofpoint has listed our mail server for absolutely no reason. Please contact your mail host and inform them that your mail is being filtered by a blacklist provider who has no clear listing/delisting policy. All members for whom mail has been returned are automatically removed from the announcements list.

After sending the May 2014 announcement, I began receiving messages from automated spam-blockers that I was required to manually respond to the mail server of the recipient in order for the announcement to be delivered. I did that this time but in the future you must make sure that admin áŧ deprima.com is registered as a legitimate sender with your software. All rejected email messages are removed from the free announcements list.

And please be careful when entering your email address. Every time I send a mailing I have returns because the system couldn't identify the recipients. I cannot make guesses as to what someone might have intended. There are just too many variables. It's up to you to enter the correct address. The addresses on any undeliverable mail are automatically removed from the mailing list upon return of the newsletter.

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