September 2015


I'm pleased to announce that the long-awaited release of Azula Carver will take place on October 1st. The tenth book in the A Galaxy Unknown series, resumes the storyline from Book 9 (Retreat and Adapt.)

Throughout her career, Admiral Jenetta Carver has continually set aside her own interests for the good of the service as she worked tirelessly to bring peace to the Galactic Alliance. But the more she sacrificed, the more the people in power expected, and required, of heró without any apparent consideration for her personal happiness or work gratification. But when the Admiralty Board nominated her to be the next Admiral of the Fleet, and the Galactic Alliance Senate approved the appointment, all without first asking her if it was a role she was willing to take on, she decided she'd had enough.

The new book is currently available for preorder in Mobi (Amazon), PDF, and ePub formats through my website. It is also currently available for preorder from Kobo stores and their Rakuten affiliates worldwide. On October 1st, or as close to that date as I can arrange, the book will be available through all book resellers worldwide, large and small, with whom I've established distribution rights (except Amazon). I'm continuing my ongoing boycott of Amazon while they require exclusivity from Independent authors. 

Indiana James

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